About us

Founded in 1994, the association Città Nascosta promotes the artistic and historical heritage of Florence and Tuscany.

The association’s activities consist of guided tours, itineraries and personalized events, unique and unforgettable cultural experiences, to discover the amazing hidden treasures of our city and region.

Participants are accompanied by art historians, architects, residence owners, restorers and scientists, experts with solid professional knowledge, who always offer an original and exclusive point of view, with special attention to the quality of contents and to exciting ways of communicating them.


Founding members

MFOTO_B2_lowarcella Cangioli, art historian, president, coordinates and manages the association.
Maria De Peverelli, art historian, works in London in the field of private collections.

Tiziana Frescobaldi, historian, is in charge of the family company image and communication.



Città Nascosta today

L1030231_foto ritoccataMarcella Cangioli, president, art historian. Head of promotion, coordination and supervision of the association’s activities, and of Italian and foreign language special projects. Contact: marcella@cittanascosta.it

Arianna Nizzi Grifi, secretary, art historian. Arianna manages the “Art Itineraries” and “Supporters” members’ programmes and organizes activities for Italian clients. Contact: arianna@cittanascosta.it

Sylvie Levantal, councillor, art historian, manages the organization of trips, journeys and activities for foreign clients, especially French-speaking ones. Contact: info@cittanascosta.it

Emily Grassi, councillor, art historian and tour guide of Florence and its province. Emily coordinates the “Under 35” and “Grand tour fiorentino” members’ programmes, manages communication and organization of activities for foreign clients, especially English-speaking ones. Contacts: emily@cittanascosta.it